Our History

About us

Clipsico Pack is one of the remarkable manufacturers and suppliers of industrial packaging materials in Egypt. Our business is related to packaging industry, we specifically deal in wrapping material, strapping material, adhesive tapes and more.
We offer our clients with high standards and quality products in innovative packaging solutions. Clipsico Pack is dedicated to provide the clients with quick, courteous and responsive service. At a timely manner, we provide excellent support at the best price.

Clipsico Pack is managed by a carefully structured management team who are devoted to fulfill our business objectives. They lead Clipsico Pack towards the future with a business sense and corporate social responsibility.
Our team has the expertise and energy to meet customers’ expectation by continuing to provide them with excellent service.

Our History

Having been established in Alexandria, Egypt since 1986, Clipsico Pack has progressed to a great position in the market. Clipsico Pack has grown dealing in the packaging materials business, as a supplier and exporter to many packaging solutions as PP straps and PE stretch films.

Through the years, we have dealt with high-grade clientele, due to our quality management and dedication to the service provided. The repeated orders we receive are an example of the trust Clipsico Pack has created. By offering high-quality products and maintaining the best services. The clients stand as a testimony of our commitment towards them. Our clients have high confidence in our services, associating with Clipsico Pack they are sure they can deliver on time with maintaining the best qualities of their products.

1986 Clipsicopack is founded in Alexandria, Egypt, starting with steel buckles production

1989 Begin trading of PP straps

1992 Start first production line of PP manual strap

1994 Building new plant with new two other production lines of PP strap

1996 Prime manufacturer and supplier of manual PP straps and buckles in Egypt

1998 Open new corporate headquarter in Alexandria, importing packaging consumables

2004 Start trading of food & industrial PE stretch film

2006 Importing raw materials, starting

2007 Start production line of PE wrapping multi-layer stretch films

2009 Start exporting process

2012 New production line of Automatic PP straps

2014 Beginning production line of PET strap

2015 Become one of the most important packaging suppliers in Egypt, packaging materials sole supplier for giant Egyptian enterprises

2020 increase PE stretch film production capacity, new manufacturing site of high performance multi-layers polyethene stretch film

Our Mission and Vision

Every day at Clipsico pack, one idea leads to the next, igniting the momentum that has made us an industry leader. Simply put, we are a team of engineers, professional problem solvers, innovators, and perfectionists, working around the clock to be the best flexible packaging manufacturer in the industry


Clipsico Pack target tomorrow’s excellence to be a global company that shapes the future of packaging industry. To be the top-tier, one-source provider of a wide range of packaging solutions, we will persistently spearhead the development of customized and differentiated packaging solutions for a fast moving operation.  Our values gives us a shared, unifying ambition, we are committed to those values, it shapes our role and purpose


Our stability, innovation and customizable services attract large firms and small business alike. Demanding to always be a trusted partner, we aspire to be a customer-oriented, market-led company where the satisfaction of customers is seen as being essential as from the aim of creating the ultimate value. To fulfill their expectations rapidly, reliably and cost effectively and to build partnerships based on trust and mutual success.

Our commitment to providing high quality products and excellent customer satisfaction has translated into a company that produces a line of stretch film that is unmatched in the marketplace today for quality, consistency, and performance.
We are dedicated to thrive in our customers’ business by protecting their products, providing advanced solutions and first class services. With the ever increasing complexity and demands placed on flexible packaging our customers require a supplier that understands their needs and has the capabilities and resources to deliver the highest performing films. We are committed to be this supplier.
“Our Commitment” to you will be to continue to be on the forefront of new product innovations and technologies. This is what separates Clipsico pack from its competitors.