Stretch Film

PE Stretch Film wrap

There are many different stretch films on the market today. What differentiates films are their characteristics to provide the necessary degree of load stability to deliver the pallet as you intend, reducing film usage and ultimately the cost of film per delivered load.

What differentiates stretch films are their design and performance characteristics; we will work with you to determine and find the right type of film to provide the necessary degree of load stability to deliver the pallet as you intend, reducing film usage and ultimately the cost of film per delivered load.  Optimizing the amount of film per pallet load contributes to a much greater annual goal for source reduction, cost savings, and ultimately getting the pallet delivered at the lowest possible cost.

Reducing the cost of rejected or damaged pallets at your customer’s dock is a significant way to reduce your total landed costs.  The cost of a rejected or damaged pallet is often not rolled up into the price of a purchased roll of film, and thus ‘harder’ to quantify systemically - but this is absolutely critical to satisfying your Customer on each and every future delivery.

Stretch film, or pallet wrap, is an LLDPE plastic film with high elastic recovery used to wrap and unitize pallets for load stability and protection. It can also be used to bundle smaller items tightly together. Unlike shrink film, stretch film does not require heat in order to fit tightly around an object. Instead, the stretch film simply needs to be wrapped around the object either by hand or with a stretch wrap machine.

They are designed to tightly cling objects together to provide a secure wrap over the product to protect them from shifting during transport. Furthermore, stretch films are used to bundling products in order to easier inventory control and transportation.

By offering the highest quality materials, the flexible packaging Rolls, offered by Clipsico Pack, are suitable to be used for diverse applications in several industries at a leading price.

The wrapping polyethylene film we offer is a fully recyclable product that can help companies to improve their products' safety protection and shelf life. With the high quality offered, it is also immensely cost saving with its pre-stretch ability that controls the weight of the pallet and economizes the total cost

Clipsico Pack supplies the most reliable and consistent range of stretch films in various sizes & thicknesses. These PE films are well tested and features:

  • 350% pre-stretch
  • Light Weight
  • High transparency and clarity
  • Great tear and puncture resistance
  • Visual product identification
  • Great strength and durability
  • Cost Effective

To meet all your packaging needs, Clipsico Pack provides the widest possible collection of PE Stretch Films. We provide multilayer wrap film with high quality by different means of applications:

  • Manual stretch film
  • Power stretch film
  • Cling film


The multilayer structure of stretch film provides an opportunity to make a film with certain physical and mechanical properties and the adhesive side of the web. The material of each layer of the film are different brands of linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE).