PP Strap

Polypropylene strapping is used in different segments of industries due to its economical and simplicity in operations. It is used to secure items for shipping or storage.

 Key features of PP Straps:

  • High speed application
  • Optimalsecurity
  • High tear durability
  • resistance against moisture
  • Adaptation to the form of packed object
  • Elongation 10 – 25%
  • Safety sealing of products for transport
  • Colored (white, black, yellow, red, blue and green) 

Clipsico Pack offers Polypropylene Straps with quality performance on variety of applications:

  • Manual PP Strap    
  • Semi-Automatic PP Strap
  • Automatic PP Strap


Manual polypropylene strapping issued in simple method for tightening strapping around a load. They save time and are easily applied. Manual PP Strap ensures that loads are safely tightened during transit, handling and storage.


Automatic PP strapping is used on different sizes from boxes to bulky products. It is a high speed strapping machine for high production applications.


The semi-automated strapping machine is suitable for small and medium-sized operations. Semi-automatic PP Strap are the most economical choice. It performs straps that tighten and securely connect the product.